Lice in the Corona Virus Pandemic.

The Corona Virus Pandemic has brought us closer as families. Closer in many ways…one of them being in proximity, which is all lice need to spread through our families.

Close contact between children or adults who have a head lice infestation, no matter how small of an infestation, will in most cases, spread throughout everyone in the family.

Fortunately, this is not a virus that can make humans extremely sick and cause death. It is, however, very persistent and itchy.  It can create sores on the scalp and infections of the skin if left untreated. Not to mention sleepless nights and dealing with what seems like non-stop cleaning.

Your Lice Care Assistant at Lice Wizard can help you determine who has an infestation and treat the infestation and help with pro-tips for cleaning your home.

You will soon be able to enjoy being close with your family during quarantine!

Quick Links to Solano County and Yolo County School District Head Lice Policies

Solano and Yolo County School Lice Policies

Lice Wizard’s Quick Links to Solano County and Yolo County School District Head Lice Policies

So you may have a lice infestation. Although it is a normal part of life, it can cause a bit of an upheaval in the household and disrupt schedules. Time missed from work or school can be stressful financially and can impact grades. Besides the overall creepy-crawlies some get, a head lice infestation can be treated quickly and efficiently.

The America Association of Pediatricians advises their pediatricians that children do not need to miss school. The Center for Disease Control* gives schools the same advice. However, it is important that you read and know your individual school district policy. School head lice policies may vary or may not be updated. That said, it could differ from what the medical experts advise.

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Head Lice Education

Moving Past the Social Stigma of Head Lice Begins with Education

Head Lice Education

When “Lice Happens” it is normal for a family to panic and have feelings of shame, guilt and disgust. The panic, along with all of the other feelings you and your family are having are valid only because of the social stigma that accompanies an infestation. 

It is important that parents and caregivers are compassionate and take into consideration that the member(s) of the household that contracted lice, more than likely, have feelings of embarrassment and shame. Sympathizing and communicating with the family member that has head lice, is key to keeping them calm. Tell them that they did nothing wrong, that head lice is a normal part of life, lice have been around for centuries, and an infestation can be treated quickly and efficiently. 

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