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Over-the-Counter Head Lice Products and Head Lice Resistance

Over-the-counter lice treatments

You get that dreaded note from school that your child has been exposed to head lice. After looking through your child’s hair, you are not sure what you have found. Could be lint, could be nits, but you decide to treat your family of four just in case. You think to yourself that at least it will be a preventative measure.

You drive to the drugstore and purchase an over-the-counter product, hoping you don’t see anyone you know and spend anywhere from $20 to $75 per family member. A week to 10 days later goes by and your child complains they are itchy on the back of their head.

Then there it is, you see it, behind the ears and by the neck, lice. Off to the store again, worried you will be embarrassed if you get the same checkout lady, or run into a mom from school, and spend another $20 to $75 per family member to treat them. Only to find another infestation a week or two later.

Why didn’t the over-the-counter treatments work?

There are three main reasons why mainstream over-the-counter products you purchase may not work:

  1. Mainstream Products: Over-the-counter products are not region specific. Due to the natural process of evolution resistance to environmental irritants is inevitable and takes place at different rates geographically. A product that will take care of nits and lice in Arizona may not work in California because the lice in California have become resistant to these mainstream chemicals.
  2. The Product Does Not Kill Nits: Your treatment took care of nymphs (baby lice) and the adult lice, but not the nits (the eggs). The nits hatched 7-10 days later and this starts the cycle all over again.
  3. Nits Were Not Removed: As careful as you were following the application and removal instructions on the product when you treated the family, you may have missed some nits that will hatch in a week to 10 days. This is easy to do for the lay person who is not experienced. 

How Treat Lice Quickly and Efficiently

Before you spend money on over-the-counter treatments, it is advisable to call a local, experienced lice removal professional. Lice Wizard, serving Solano and Yolo Counties and the surrounding areas, has the expertise to combat our area’s lice infestations using organic products and a manual removal process.