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Lice Wizard Head Lice Services

What to Expect From Your Lice Wizard Consult and Head Lice Treatment

1. The Phone Consultation

When Lice Wizard, responds to your text or phone call, the first priority is to offer you comfort and reassurance. As a mom, Tania Pena, Lice Wizard Owner and Technician, understands that a head lice infestation may create feelings of panic and can be very stressful. During the consultation process, you will immediately feel comfortable knowing your initial questions and concerns have been addressed and Lice Wizard will be arriving soon.

2. The In-home Treatment Process

Lice Wizard will discreetly arrive at your home in a car void of business signage or advertising to  perform a dry inspection. If we determine that head lice is present, we will discuss treatment and with your consent, we apply our organic products and begin our manual and comb-out processes to eliminate the lice and nits (eggs).

3. The Post Treatment Plan

During the treatment process Lice Wizard will educate you on what to do once the treatment is over. Before Lice Wizard departs, you will receive a plan with tips on how to prevent return head lice infestations. Lice Wizard will follow up with you a few days to a week later to check in on you and your family. If you need more information, assistance or have questions before we follow up , do not hesitate to contact Lice Wizard by calling 650-338-9588.

Meet the Lice Wizard!
Tania Pena, Owner and Technician

Tania Pena - Owner

Tania Pena, Lice Wizard Owner and Technician, has over a decade of experience treating families with lice infestations. As a Certified Nursing Assistant, and a mom, Tania knows that it is important for families to find and be treated by a highly trained professional who cares and understands their needs.

In 2014, after 3 years of working for a reputable lice removal salon in Redwood City, Tania moved to Solano County and started her mobile business, Lice Wizard. Her goal is to help families feel more at ease and comfortable in the privacy of their own homes. Through her mobile lice removal business, Tania has built lasting relationships and trust with her clients and helps to eliminate the stigma and shame that comes with head lice infestations.

With a passion for helping children and families in our community, Tania has worked for and volunteered with local not-for-profit organizations, including helping youth in foster care. Tania’s biggest accomplishment in life is being a mom and setting an example for her daughter that included kindness, caring for others and giving back to her community.

Lice Wizard’s Service Fees

Lice Wizard knows that infestations are stressful enough without having to worry about an unexpected financial burden. Our priority is that you and your family are treated correctly by an experienced technician and you are all cleared to go back to your lice-free life…without spending more money than needed.

Because each family experiences are unique, the cost of treatment can vary. Determined on an individual basis, our treatments costs are dependent on each individual’s hair thickness and hair length, the severity of the infestation, and the number of family members requiring treatment. Lice Wizard’s hourly rates and home visit fee are affordable and competitive.

During the initial phone consultation with Lice Wizard, we will discuss fees, make an appointment and be on our way to help you!

Lice Wizard Saves You Money

Lice Wizard’s years of experience and training enables us to provide our clients with a quick and efficient treatment that saves money over less experienced technicians.

Because we are local, we have the ability to arrive at your home quickly. This can save families from unnecessary time away from work.

No Surprises or Hidden Costs

Local families have put their trust in Lice Wizard for years because we will not surprise you with hidden costs, fees or sell you any services or products you do not need. You will not have to pay for more time than needed to treat your family.

Lice Wizard accepts all major credit cards. In some cases, treatments may be eligible for an insurance reimbursement, dependent on your health care provider and your coverage plan.

Lice Wizard offers a Military Discount of $25 Off per family